Upcoming workshop for undergraduate and graduate women in science in Nairobi

Upcoming workshop for undergraduate and graduate women to be held in Nairobi JKUAT on July 24 and 25, 2018.

MTAWA (an organization that establishes and builds networks for African women in academia in support of their academic and professional growth and success) is collaborating with several organizations including Mawazo, COACh and Safaricom to run a workshop and panel discussion for women interested in post-graduate programs and careers in science and technology.


Internship/Student project opportunity Kenya - Deadline 10th April 2018


An 11-week working internship/student project is offered to carry out a survey evaluating key stakeholders’ (i.e. fish farmers, consumers and feed producers) acceptance and attitudes towards the inclusion of non-conventional ingredients in aquaculture feeds in Kenya.

This opportunity is offered as part of an inter-disciplinary BBSRC/DFID funded large-scale collaborative research project(‘SNIPH’ - Sustainable New Ingredients to Promote Health) taking place in India, Tanzania and Kenya. The selected intern/student will work in conjunction with Kenyan and UK partners.

What you will be doing

The position will follow a mixed research based methodology involving the following steps:
1. Review of the literature,
2. Framework Sample definition,
3. Qualitative information collection,
4. Quantitative questionnaire survey design,
5. Questionnaire survey implementation,
6. Analysis,
7. Write-up in form of Report/thesis as direct output for the project