RCE Annual Report 2010

The AquaFish CRSP Strategy for Achieving Development Impact in sub-Saharan Africa focuses on Research, capacity building, information dissemination, through but not limited to the Presidential Initiative to End Hunger in Africa (IEHA) launched in 2002.  The six countries currently included in IEHA are Kenya, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia. Focal areas cut across, improving nutrition and health, maximizing water, soil quality and productivity, broadening market access, increasing incomes, and improving food quality, processing, and safety. The initiative focuses on promoting Aquaculture growth and building an African-led partnership to cut hunger and poverty by investing in small-scale fish farmers.

Presently Aquafish CRSP is focused on complementary themes in different IEHA countries as shown in:

  • Kenya –Focus is now on marketing and impact assessment for cage culture in small water bodies
  • Tanzania – Fish Production and technology transfer
  • Ghana – Fish feed, water quality, environmental impact assessment for cage culture on Lake Volta and marketing
  • Mali – Aquatic Resource use and conservation for sustainable freshwater aquaculture and fisheries. This is a leader with associate award project.
  • Uganda -Hydrology, Water Harvesting, and Watershed Management for Food Security, Income, and Health: Small Impoundments for Aquaculture and Other Community Uses

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