RCE Annual Report 2011

The AquaFish CRSP Strategy for Achieving Development Impact focused on Research, capacity building, information dissemination, and country involvement. Focal areas included in this report cut across, improving nutrition and health, maximizing water, soil quality and productivity, advancing IPM practices, broadening market access, increasing incomes, and improving food quality, processing, and safety.

The Feed the Future Research Strategy, which is an integral component of the broader Feed the Future Initiative, presents our global research portfolio to create more productive crops, sustainably intensify agricultural production systems, ensure food security, and enhance access to nutritionally improved diets. Despite recent improvements in smallholder production and strengthened institutions, food security continues to be an issue in East Africa.

The East Africa Regional Center of Excellence (RCE) continued to perform its role in building  community among all CRSP participants; identify potential additional partnerships with the public and private sector, NGOs, USAID, and others; and bridging the knowledge gap from local-regional perspectives to global development outcomes.

During this reporting period, RCE facilitated Networking with African scientists through SARNISSA, WAS, NEPAD and ANAF meetings, conferences and exchange forum. 

Specific approaches included:

  • Personal contacts/relationships
  • HC PI networking in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
  • Farmer to farmer exchange programmes
  • Reviewed regional proposals
  • Collaborative research and institutional linkship

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